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The following services are for students who are interested in studying in the US and want reliable up-to-date information on how to get started. We provide expert information directly from the universities and US educational expers. This series of classes will give students a good understanding of what studying in the US entails, what they can expect, and how they should prepare for going abroad and the application procedure.





California School System

Introduction to the US and California school system


USCEC is the official representative in southwest China for selected schools and educational institutions in California. California’s education system consists of public and private schools, including the public University of California, California State University, and California Community Colleges systems, private colleges and universities, and public and private elementary, middle, and high schools.

The main state research university is the University of California (UC), a university system that has ten major campuses. The UC system is intended to accept the top 12.5% of students, and provide most graduate studies and research. The California State University (CSU) is the state university system, and is in fact is the third largest university system in the United States. CSU campuses focus primarily on undergraduate education. However a large number of the 23 campuses are becoming more research oriented, especially in applied sciences.

The California Community Colleges system provides lower division “General Education” courses. Credit units of these courses are transferable to the CSU and UC systems, among others. The system is composed of 112 colleges organized into 72 districts, serving a student population of nearly 3 million.

In addition to the public colleges and universities, California is home to many notable private universities and colleges, including Stanford University, the University of San Francisco, and the California Institute of Technology.




Closing Cultural Gaps

Introduction to American culture, with emphazis on school culture


Many Chinese students face a big problem when going to study abroad: they are not familiar with the new way of learning, the teaching methods, and the way they are being evaluated. A top student in China may not succeed in the U.S., but only because they don’t understand the learning environment and methods of teaching. Chinese students in the U.S. often struggle with team projects or have difficulties participating in the class discussions, but not because they are in any way bad students. Chinese and U.S. teaching methods focus and give importance to different things in the teaching and learning process, which leads to big gaps in the culture and educational systems.


The way of closing these gaps for students is by individual preparation. By proper preparation the student’s overall performance and success is clearly enhanced, and not only academically, but socially as well. The international experience is not only about what you learn in the classroom, but also the people you meet, the places you go, understanding the culture, and simply everything you do during your time abroad.




Chinese Students in California

Chinese students’ adaptability and cultural gaps


California has a very integrated and culturally diverse environment, which makes it an ideal destination for Chinese students. The Chinese are well accepted and respected in the community. In fact, the highest income group in California is the Asian male. And not only are there many successful Chinese scientists and businessmen and –women, but also high ranking government officials.


China and the U.S. West Coast have the most business ties compared to rest of the United States. So not only can Chinese students integrate quickly and become a part of society, but they have the opportunity to make connections and create networks that can be extremely valuable in their future careers.




Making Educational Choices

Introduction to selecting school and major


Having an education in the U.S. as your goal means making many important decisions. A successful education can be an excellent platform for a successful future, but it doesn’t come without hard work and making smart individual choices. The first step to academic success is to know yourself. By determining your strengths, weaknesses, and finding your true interest areas and passions, you will understand what are the right paths for you and how to live up to your full potential.


USCEC will help you ensure your studies and time abroad will be successful. We will work with you for proper preparation and training, so that once you arrive in the U.S. you can focus on academics and give your all to building success. All our consultants are trained American professionals, so we ensure you will get the best possible quality through our services and up-to-date reliable information. Our trained U.S. professionals work directly with our partner schools and admission offices, so you will have first hand information when working with us.







加州主要研究型大学为加州大学(UC)系统。 UC系统共有十所分校,提供绝大多数研究生学习和科研项目,只接收排行前12.5%的优秀学生。加州州立大学(CSU)隶属于州立大学系统,是美国第三大高等教育系统,注重本科教育。而CSU系统 23个校区的诸多分校正逐渐向研究型大学发展, 尤其在应用科学方面成就突出 。








许多中国学生出国留学时会面临很多问题:不熟悉新学习方式、教学方法以及评估方式。中国的尖子生到美国后可能受到挫败,但这其实是因为不适应全新的学习环境和教学方式。 有的中国留学生在参与团队项目或课堂讨论时感到力不从心,这并非表明这些学生学习能力差。由于中国和美国的教学侧重点不同,从而导致了文化和教育系统 的巨大差异。


克服文化差异最好的办法是做好充分准备。通过适当的准备,学生的整体表现会明显提高,不仅体现在学业上,社交上也是一样。 留学不仅在于课堂上学到的东西,更重要的是能与不同的人打交道,去不同的地方,理解不同的文化,以及在国外所经历的一切。












中美教育联盟是您最正确的选择!为确保您在国外的学习和生活获得成功,我们将帮助您在出国前接受训练,做好充足的准备。 当您到达美国时,便可以专注于学业,为成功打造坚实的基础。中美教育联盟所有的顾问都是来自美国的教育专家,为你提供有关美国教育的最新最可靠的信息,确保您获得最优质的服务。中美教育联盟资深美国专家直接与我们的合作院校和招生办公室共同工作,因此保证您将通过我们获得申请、入学等第一手资讯。