Tips for the Flight and Arrival to US乘机和旅途须知

Your trip from airport to airport:

- Get to the airport 2,5-3 hours prior to your flight’s departure time

- Check in your luggage. Keep all important documents in your carry-on luggage or personal bag.

- Enter the security check. Make sure you are familiar with all aviation regulations and what you are allowed and not allowed to have with you.

- Board your flight on time.

- Relax and try to sleep during your flight. Drink water as much as possible.

- Complete I-94 form and Customs Declaration before landing, you will get these forms from the flight attendant. Make sure you complete them carefully, and don’t hesitate to ask for help if you have questions.

- After landing, follow signs to Immigrations and Custom’s Check. Make sure to have all documents ready (passport, I-20, I-94, customs declaration).

- Pick up your checked luggage. Remember to save all luggage tags from check-in!



A few tips for the journey:

- Make sure you haven’t packed prohibited items in your checked luggage or carry-on luggage.

- You can state that you have nothing to declare at customs if you have no food, seeds, less than US$10,000 cash, etc. Make sure you read the customs declaration carefully and answer truthfully.

- When its your turn with the Immigrations Officer, answer his/hers questions truthfully and clearly, just like in the visa interview. The officer will give you back a part of the I-94 form with your passport, make sure you keep it carefully, its very important.

- The customs officers may ask you to open your luggage and check it. That is a very normal procedure, no need to be worried or impatient.

- If you have connecting flights, make sure you know the gate and terminal before arriving in the US. It will make transferring flights easier.

- If you miss a flight connection, contact airport staff for help. Also make sure you contact the person who will pick you up at the final destination and inform them about the delay.

- After arrival and luggage pick up, go straight to meet the person who is picking you up. Make sure not to leave your luggage unattended.

- If you can’t find your checked luggage, report this to the lost-luggage desk where you will be asked to fill out some forms.

- Do not panic if any problems occur. People in the US are very nice and willing to help you.



Settling down:

- Make sure the person who is meeting you at the airport has arranged transportation to your house/hotel/apartment.

- Call your parents when you have arrived at your accommodation. You can for example use a pay phone, phone card or Skype until you have your local mobile phone card.

- Take it easy and have some rest, but keep in mind that it will be easier to get over jet lag if you stay awake until nighttime.

- Review orientation materials. Make sure you get to school on time and bring all required materials.

- Get a local phone number and open a bank account. You can do these tasks with the help of teachers and students in the orientation week.









-着陆前空乘服务员将给你一张I-94表格和海关申报表,您需要在机上完成填写。确保仔    细完成填写,若有问题,不要犹豫寻求帮助。

-着陆后,根据路标指示到移民和海关检查处。确保准备好所需文件(护照、I-20、I-94、  海关申报表)。