Visa Information签证常识


The US visa application process is a very serious and important step for all students who plan to study in the United States. The application process may vary and depend on each individual case, but below you can find the general visa information.


Below instructions are guidelines to help students, however the information is subject to change and the most accurate information is always available at the Embassy of the United States in Beijing,



1. Pay the Application Fee

All applicants applying for nonimmigrant visas in China must pay the non-refundable application fees at designated branches of China CITIC Bank.


2. Fill in the Online Visa Application Form (DS-160)

The online application can be found in the following address:

Carefully follow the instructions at:


3. Make an Appointment

Buy a pre-paid PIN card from China CITIC Bank, which costs 54 RMB for 12 minutes of phone time or 36 RMB for 8 minutes. Unused minutes may be used later or transferred to another party.


Call the Visa Information Call Center (number: 4008-872-333) to make an interview appointment. Please ensure you know the following information when placing the call: applicant’s full name, passport number, ID number, MRV application fee receipt number, contact information, purpose of travel, place of residence, whether he/she was refused before, application number for DS-160. Calling hours are Monday – Friday 7:00 AM – 7:00 PM, Saturday 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM. Pre-recorded visa information is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.


4. Prepare Visa Photo

One photo the size of two x two inches square (51mm x 51mm). The photo of the applicant must have been taken within 6 months of application day.


5. Gather the Required Documents

1)     Passport: valid for at least six months beyond the intended stay in the United States.

2)     Chinese ID card.

3)     The Printed DS-160 application form confirmation page.

4)     One photo for visa.

5)     The applicant fee receipt from China CITIC Bank.

6)     Valid and expired passports containing all your previous US visits.

7)     I-20 form.

8)     SEVIS Fee Receipt: Pay US$200 SEVIS fee online in the following address and get receipt:

9)     Proof of Finances: Working Certification of Parents, bank letter of deposit proof, certificate of property, Bank record for half a year.

10)  Proof of Ties to China: Household register book, Citizen ID Card, Certificate of property.

11)  Suggested supplementary documents: School admission letter, enrollment certification of home school, official transcript, and any other application materials for international program.


6. Appear for Scheduled Interview

On the day of scheduled interview, make sure to arrive in time to the US Consulate and bring all mandatory and supporting documents.


7. Arrange for Visa/Passport Return Through China Post

If your visa application is approved after the interview, the visa will be issued in your passport, and your passport will be mailed to you through China Post.











所有在中国申请非移民签证的申请人需要在中信银行营业厅交纳签证申请费(该费用一经接纳, 不退还)。







申请人需在中信银行营业厅购买签证预约卡 用于预约电话,可选择54元12分钟,或者36元8分钟。未使用完的时间可以保留或转到其它业务上。


拨打签证中心电话: 4008-872-333预约面谈时间。打电话前务必准备好以下信息:申请人全名,护照号,身份证号码,DS-160申请号、 签证申请费收据号,联系方式,出国目的,居住地,是否有过拒签史。



一张规格为2 x2寸(51mm x 51mm)的近半年内照片。



1)护照:保证出境时 仍有6个月以上有效期