Package 2

Customized Individual Plan and Schedule


In-depth Assessment

Through this in-depth personal assessment students will be provided a comprehensive analysis on their individual university matches. This is done by deeply analyzing the student’s interests, merits, knowledge and skills, all of these on different levels and fields. Based on the analysis the individual will be matched with universities that complement the student’s attributes.



Career Planning

Determine your true interest areas and plan for a future career. Long-term planning together with USCEC will help you to: 

- Pay less tuition by graduating in time

- Have clear goals while studying

- Make every choice help you achieve your career goals

- Determine your major and focus in college



Application Planning

Applying to university is a long and complicated process. It is easy to accidentally miss out on information or miss deadlines, or get confused with the numerous application forms. USCEC will help you make an efficient and practical plan for your university application process. Significantly increase your chance of success by making a professional plan, plus you will save time and money, and be able to use your time efficiently to prepare for the actual studies. Through USCEC you are always guaranteed reliable and accurate information, which is extremely important during application. Together with USCEC you will create an individualized work plan and specific timelines to make sure all applications and supporting materials are completed well ahead of the university application deadlines.



Personal Statement Writing Class

Receive instruction from US educational experts on how to write a Personal Statement that stands out. You will receive tips on how to choose a topic, develop ideas, important facts to consider, and how to improve your overall writing.



Letter of Recommendation Writing Class

Receive general instruction about Letter of Recommendation. Understand significance of the Letter of Recommendation, who can provide a Letter of Recommendation, and what a Letter of Recommendation should contain. Also get tips on who and how to approach a teacher or other important person in your life regarding the Letter of Recommendation.



Following Up Application Process Coaching

Submitting the university application is usually a big relief after all the hard work, but its important to remember that you should stay active as many things can still affect the result. Through one-on-one coaching with US educational epxerts, you will learn how to follow up the application process. You will learn the procedure for follow-up on the application result, when and how to contact the university and administration office, how to ask for the result, different possible outcomes, get information on supplementary information you may need, and more.



Waiting List Coaching

There are three possible outcomes after submitting your U.S. university application; you will be admitted, you will be rejected, or you will we put on a waiting list. If your result is waiting list, you may still have a good chance of getting accepted. Through one-on-one coaching with USCEC you will receive information on how to increase your chance to be admitted. You will be instructed on what actions to take, when and how to contact the administrative office, and what kind of supplementary information you could and should provide.



DS160 Coaching

Receive one-on-one coaching on how to fill out the DS160 form for your US visa application. Get expert advice on your individual application and ensure you have the best possible chance of being admitted a US visa.



Visa Application Materials Coaching

Have one-on-one sessions and receive instruction from USCEC trained professionals on how to go through the US visa application process. You will receive individual guidance regarding all material, what supplementary material and forms is needed, where and how to find and use information, and more.



Visa Interview Coaching

The US visa application process is stressful for many students, especially when it comes to the visa interview. USCEC provides one-on-one sessions with experts and professionals that give you clear instructions on how to prepare for the interview, a list of possible interview questions, tips on how to boost your confidence and improve technique, and more.



Housing Ordering Coaching

You will receive individual coaching by a trained USCEC professional to find the best housing option for you. You will receive help and instruction for the procedure, and make a housing plan for the entire time you will be studying in the US.



Interview Coaching: During this class you will receive individual instruction on preparing for and being in an interview. You will be provided with tips and methods on how to boost your confidence, improve your technique and make a lasting impression. Together with a trained USCEC professional your weaknesses and strengths will be determined, and you will be able to focus on making an overall successful interview performance.