USCEC offers comprehensive service packages for students with different needs in different stages of their education and application process. Select the best package for you and make sure you will be successful in your application and your studies in the US!



Package 1: Getting Started and Basic Introduction

The Basic package is an excellent introduction for students who are considering applying for school in the US. Students will receive comprehensive information on studying in the US, schools, application and more. Students will also complete an English language assessment. Students will also have the chance to speak with American admission officers and educational experts to receive infromation and advice!


The package includes:

- General introduction: Getting started

- Overview of application process and schedules

- Talk to US admission officers and educational experts

- Basic English Language Assessment


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Package 2: Customized Individual Plan and Schedule

Package 2 is a series of comprehensive classes and individual coaching that cover your entire US school application process. Every step from assessment, application writing and school selection to visa application, follow up and choosing housing is included, and much more! You will be instructed and guided by US educational experts and other experts in their field.


The package includes:

In-depth Assessment

Career Planning

University Application Planning

Personal Statement writing coaching

Letter of Recommendation writing coaching

Following up application process coaching

Waiting list coaching

Visa coaching: DS160, application materials, visa interview

Housing ordering coaching

Interview coaching


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