Assessment & Student Evaluation学生评估

Successful students come from very different backgrounds and have different interests, but usually they have one thing in common: they are determined and know what they want. Strong applications for a successful outcome start with knowing yourself and what your goals are. Determining your strengths and weaknesses, and finding your true interest areas and passions are the first step to success. USCEC provides many professional services that focus on student assessment and evaluation.



Talk with US university Admission Officers and educational experts

When applying to University though USCEC, students can have the chance to speak directly to US Admission Officers. Information is always most valuable when it comes straight from the source, and students can directly ask questions and receive help that will increase their chances of admission.



Basic English Language Assessment

Determine your level of English. Learn how to improve your weak areas and effective methods for practicing.


Basic Assessment, Personality

Determine who you are as a person and learn to better understand yourself and how you interact with others. Knowing your personality type and true interest areas will significantly help find the right university match for you.



In-depth Assessment

Through this in-depth personal assessment students will be provided a comprehensive analysis on their individual university matches. This is done by deeply analyzing the student’s interests, merits, knowledge and skills, all of these on different levels and fields. Based on the analysis the individual will be matched with universities that complement the student’s attributes.



Career Planning

Determine your true interest areas and plan for a future career. Long-term planning together with USCEC will help you to: 

- Pay less tuition by graduating in time

- Have clear goals while studying

- Make every choice help you achieve your career goals

- Determine your major and focus in college



Application Planning

Applying to university is a long and complicated process. It is easy to accidentally miss out on information or miss deadlines, or get confused with the numerous application forms. USCEC will help you make an efficient and practical plan for your university application process. Significantly increase your chance of success by making a professional plan, plus you will save time and money, and be able to use your time efficiently to prepare for the actual studies. Through USCEC you are always guaranteed reliable and accurate information, which is extremely important during application. Together with USCEC you will create an individualized work plan and specific timelines to make sure all applications and supporting materials are completed well ahead of the university application deadlines.



Major Selection 

Receive instruction from US educational experts on major selection. Choosing a major is one of the most significant decisions you will make as a student. It is highly important that you receive reliable information and consider all possible aspects before deciding. Consulting with American educational experts will give you all the support and facts you need to make the right choice. Students will explore and learn about various academic majors, they will understand what the focus entails and career prospects following each focus. The process to major selection will be conducted together with US educational experts that always has the student’s best interest and academic success in mind.



How to find a school and evaluate your options

Studying in the US is a dream for many students, but they should also know that the geographic location of the school plays a big role. Just like China, the US is a big country with an enormous land area. There are huge variations from the west coast to the east and everything in between. There are differences in landscape, weather, and especially in people, social life and opportunities. All schools in all cities may not be the right choice for you, as adapting and integrating into society can be difficult. To be comfortable with your surroundings can have a significant impact on the success of your studies. USCEC will help you understand what is the best-suited environment for you, and where you will have the best chances to succeed with your studies.


Many Chinese students also dream of studying in one of the world-famous top-ranked U.S. universities, such as Harvard, Stanford or Berkeley. For some this dream may very well come true, but in reality only a fraction of the hundreds of thousands of international and American applicants are admitted. USCEC encourages successful students to set their goals high, but it is also important to be realistic and to plan and work for the best of one’s abilities. Our philosophy is that the student comes first, and our job is to find the best match that supports each individual’s academic success. All students will live up to their full potential when they are in the right school and studying the major that best fits them.


USCEC will through assessment find the right university for each individual. By determining interests, achievements and selection factors, students will be carefully matched with appropriate universities. Students will also receive guidance and instructions regarding university research on the internet.




The focus of this class is to prepare students with information on many financial aspects of studying abroad. Topics around tuition and other costs of international studies will be covered, as well as issues regarding scholarships, grants, and the posibilities for internships and working for money.



School Application Training

Go over the basic school application process. Receive information on how to plan and execute. Get an understanding what is required and recommended regarding admission requirements, GPA, Personal Letters, Letters of Recommendation, intervies and more.










1. 础评估、英语语言能力



2. 础评估、性格



3. 全面






- 按时毕业并节省部分学费

- 学习期间有明确的目标

- 做有助于实现职业目标的每个选择

- 确定大学专业和学习重点




申请大学是一个长期而复杂的过程。一旦不小心错过信息或最后期限,则可能会错失申请机会。 USCEC将帮助您制定高效和实用的申请计划,显著增加录取几率,并为正式学习节约时间与金钱。USCEC保证为您提供可靠准确的申请信息,并为您量身定做工作计划和具体时间表,以确保所有的申请材料在大学申请截止日期前完成提交。















- 考试成绩

- 成绩平均绩点

- 如何让个人陈述脱颖而出,美国专家指导技术学习,集思广益作文主题与开拓思路,提高写作技巧,内容指导与建议,词汇与正确的结构。

- 推荐信,选择合适的推荐人及推荐内容。

- 面试准备,与美国专家练习并获得相关提示,了解可能的和最常见的面试问题,了解可以向面试官咨询的问题,增强信心并显著提高技巧。