Getting Started classes are for students who are interested in studying in the US and want reliable information to get started. We provide expert information directly from the universities and US educational expers. This series of classes will give students a good understanding of what studying in the US entails, what they can expect, and how they should prepare for the application procedure and going abroad in general. Read more!


Introduction to the US and California school system

Introduction to American culture, with emphazis on school culture

Chinese students’ adaptability and cultural gaps

Introduction to selecting school and major




Successful students come from very different backgrounds and have different interests, but usually they have one thing in common: they are determined and know what they want. Strong applications for a successful outcome start with knowing yourself and what your goals are. Determining your strengths and weaknesses, and finding your true interest areas and passions are the first step to success. USCEC provides many professional services that focus on student assessment and evaluation. Read more!


Talk with US university Admission Officers and educational experts

Basic English Language Assessment

Basic Personality Assessment

In-depth Assessment

Career Planning

University Application Planning

Major Selection

How to Find the Right School for You

Financial Planning

School Application Training




The University Application classes and one-on-one coaching focus on giving students the best information, preparation and tips on how to write excellent application documents and statements that stand out. Classes and coaching is given by US educational experts. Read more!


Application Form Writing Class

Personal Statement Writing Class

Personal Statement One-on-One Coaching

Letter of Recommendation Writing Class

Letter of Recommendation One-on-One Coaching

Following Up Application Process Coaching

Waiting List Coaching




Visa application can be very stressful, therefore USCEC will instruct you how to go through the process and help you get the best possible result. USCEC provides classes and individual coaching to help stundets with the complicated and demanding US visa application process: get expert advice on application, materials and inteview, and ensure you have the best possible chance of being admitted a US visa. Read more!


DS160 Class

DS160 Coaching

Visa Application Materials Class

Visa Application Materials Coaching

Visa Interview Coaching




USCEC offers various classes and coaching for many aspects of preparation. Moving to another country is a big step in life. Going to an unfamiliar place with a new language and people you don’t know is a big transition, but by proper preparation you can make this transition run smoothly and focus on learning and enjoying yourself. All classes and one-on-one sessions are held by US educational expers, who can help ensure your time abroad will be successful right from the very start. Read more!


Housing Class

Housing Ordering Coaching

Insurance Class

American Culture Class

Daily English Class

Leadership Class

Project Participation Class

Learning How to Lose Class

Social Interaction for Success Class

Interview Coaching




Test preparation is a crucial part of planning your US university studies. Higher test scores directly increase your chances of gaining admission. Higher test scores also create more opportunities for scholarships. USCEC provides preparation courses for various English language and academic proficiency tests. You will also have access to practice tests, which is the most important and effective part of test preparation. Read more! 


TOEFL Preparation

IELTS Preparation

SAT Preparation

GRE Preparation

GMAT Preparation