Education Practitioner in America (EPiA)加州州立大学萨克拉门托分校留美教育实践项目(EPiA)


California State University, Sacramento

California State University, Sacramento, more familiarly known as Sac State, is the 7th largest of all California State University campuses. It is located in the beautiful northern California, in the state capital of Sacramento. As the capital university, students enjoy not only the biggest public university education system in the U.S, but also have exceptional internship and research opportunities. Sac State also offers great value for money by being located in one of the most affordable cities, and with tuition among the lowest in the nation. 

Sac State is a respected university that focuses highly on quality of learning and education. The student/faculty ratio is 21:1 and 80% of the teaching staff holds a doctoral or highest degree. Students can choose out of 60 undergraduate majors and 40 graduate programs. Sac State has well known award-winning programs in Engineering and Computer Science. The Sac State business school also belongs to the world top5 % together with Tsinghua and Fudan Universities. The most popular field of study at Sac State is Education, followed by Business, Criminal Justice, Communication Studies, Psychology, and Computer Science.

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Education Practitioner in America (EPiA)

The EPiA certificate course provides first-class educational training and international professional experience for Chinese undergraduates, graduate students, or professionals in the education field. The purpose of this course is to provide students an opportunity to practice teaching Chinese and English as a foreign language in various American primary and secondary schools in California. While practicing teaching Chinese and English as a foreign language, the EPiA course participants will also attend professional training classes in subjects such as American education philosophy, Education methodology, Education psychology, and Curriculum design. Students attend the classes at California State University, Sacramento, which is the most respected universities in the field of teaching and education. The course is mainly aimed for undergraduate and graduate students that major in English language or teaching Chinese as a foreign language, and also for non-students and professionals who are interested in working with teaching Chinese as a foreign language.


Program Certificate

Students who complete the Education Practitioner in America course will receive the EPiA Certificate awarded by California State University and local government.


Program Advantage

Students who complete the EPiA course will obtain:


- Highly valuable EPiA Certificate.

- Class-hour certificate for 12 academic credits, which is the equivalent of one semester’s coursework in Sac State. Obtained credit can be shifted to credit of one semester’s coursework in selected universities in China. Please contact USCEC for university-specific information.

- Attend classes and complete coursework at one of America’s best universities for the field of teaching and education.

- Get highly valuable international working experience.

- Be taught by top professors and international professionals.

- Significantly improve English language and communication skills.


Who can Apply

- Undergraduate students

- Graduate students

- Postgraduates and professionals



16 August 2012 – 31 October 2012.

For later schedules please contact USCEC directly.



California State University, Sacramento

Sacramento, California, U.S.A.



Program Description

The EPiA course consists of one semester’s coursework, which includes a total of 7 weeks of professional educational courses, and 3 weeks of American Culture studies and intensive English courses. In addition to coursework, students will teach Chinese and English as a foreign language for students in various California primary and secondary schools, and receive highly valuable international working experience.



How to apply

For more information and application, please contact us today!









英汉语言教学实践项目(EPiA)为优秀的中国大学生,研究生以及教育领域专业人士提供一流的教育实践培训。学生将有机会进入加州不同的中小学教授汉语或为母语为非英语的人士教授英语。英汉语言教学实践的同时,学生还将在在教育领域最享有盛名的加州大学萨克拉门托分校参加美国教育理念、教学法、教育心理学、课程设计等一系列专业培训课程。该课程适 合专业为英语、对外汉语等相关专业的本科生和研究生,以及愿意从事英语或对外汉语教学的其他人士。






- 完成项目课程的学生将获得EPiA(留美教育实践)证书;

- 获得等同加州州立大学萨克拉门托分校一学期12个学分的学时证明,学生可凭该证明转换到国内大学一学期学分;(请联系中美教育联盟,我们将为您解答国内大学转学分问题。)

- 进入美国最佳大学之一的学校学习和完成课程的机会;

- 高质的国际实习经验;

- 获得顶级教授和专家的指导;

- 显著提高英语能力和沟通技巧;



- 在读本科生

- 本科毕业生

- 研究生和其他有志从事英语或对外汉语教学的人士