Event Management Program加州州立大学萨克拉门托分校会展及活动管理项目

 California State University, Sacramento

California State University, Sacramento, more familiarly known as Sac State, is the 7th largest of all California State University campuses. It is located in the beautiful northern California, in the state capital of Sacramento. As the capital university, students enjoy not only the biggest public university education system in the U.S, but also have exceptional internship and research opportunities. Sac State also offers great value for money by being located in one of the most affordable cities, and with tuition among the lowest in the nation.

Sac State is a respected university that focuses highly on quality of learning and education. The student/faculty ratio is 21:1 and 80% of the teaching staff holds a doctoral or highest degree. Students can choose out of 60 undergraduate majors and 40 graduate programs. Sac State has well known award-winning programs in Engineering and Computer Science. The Sac State business school also belongs to the world top5 % together with Tsinghua and Fudan Universities. The most popular field of study at Sac State is Education, followed by Business, Criminal Justice, Communication Studies, Psychology, and Computer Science.

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The Event Management Program is aimed for excellent undergraduate and graduate students who want to add practical training to theoretical education. The program provides an excellent opportunity for students to become involved in the field of event planning, management and communication. Students will not only gain valuable international experience and improve their language skills, but also get professional knowledge and practical business experience in a truly international business environment.


Program Certificate

Students who complete the Event Management Program receive a program certificate awarded by California State University, Sacramento, and is the equivalent to a second major degree certificate.


Program Advantage

Students who complete the Event Management Program will obtain:

- Highly valuable Program Certificate.

- Class-hour prove for 12 academic credits, which is the equivalent of one semester’s coursework in Sac State. Obtained credit can be shifted to credit of one semester’s coursework in selected universities in China. Please contact USCEC for university-specific information.

- Build a foundation for successful career with international practical experience.

- Be taught by top professors and international professionals.

- Participate in field experience, combining theory and practice.

- Make valuable connections for postgraduate studies or future career, with university staff and admission officers, and top industry professionals.


Who can Apply

- Undergraduate students

- Graduate students

- Postgraduates and professionals



16 August 2012 – 31 October 2012.

For later schedules please contact us directly.



California State University, Sacramento

Sacramento, California, U.S.A.


Program Description

The Event Management Program consists of one semester’s coursework, which includes a total of 7 weeks of professional event management courses, and 3 weeks of American Culture studies and intensive English courses.


Program course list:

 - Event Budgeting: Basic accounting and comprehensive event budget management. Students learn how to determine and calculate the practical budget for an event, which is the most important foundation to organize a successful event.

- Event Coordinating: Understand and learn controlled and dynamic coordinating that is essential for a successful professional event.

- Event Design: Basics of design related to event management, with consideration of environmental and sustainable design and business.

- Event Information System: The course focuses on latest technology and software of event design, management and promotion.

- Event Management: Students learn about field tendencies and practical event planning from experts and professionals in the event management industry.

- Event Marketing, Communication and Assessment: The course introduces main methods and channels of advertising and event promotion. Students learn about strategic communication, marketing and profitability.

- Event Backstage Management: Students learn about exhibition, supply chain of the event, logistics and outsourcing. Backstage aspects of working with hotels, restaurants, and caterers are presented and discussed.

- Risk Management, Law and Ethical Issues: Students learn how to deal with legal and ethical challenges that event management professionals often encounter. The course looks into contract law, regulations, insurance, and professional morals and ethics related to event management.

- Event Community Service and Internship: Students will get practical experience of the American event management industry.



How to apply

For more information and application, please contact us today!

















- 极具含金量的会展及活动管理证书

- 等同加州州立大学萨克拉门托分校一学期12个学分的学时证明,学生可凭该证明转换为国内大学一学期学分;(请联系中美教育联盟,我们将为您解答国内大学转学分问题)

- 国际化的实践经验,为职业生涯打下良好基础

- 顶级教授和国际化专家的指导

- 参加行业实习,理论与实践相结合

- 学校教职工,招生官员及行业精英一起为您的研究生学习或职业生涯做规划



- 在读本科生

- 本科毕业生

- 研究生和其他有志从事会展及活动管理的人员













- 活动预算:该课程包含基本的会计学和全面的活动预算管理。学生将学习到如何制定及计算活动预算,这是成功组织活动的基础。

- 活动协调:学会掌握及协调是一场成功的会展活动必不可少的因素。

- 活动设计:从环境,可持续性,及商业角度出发进行基础的活动设计。

- 活动信息系统:该课程着重于活动策划、管理和活动推广相关的最新技术和软件。

- 活动管理:该课程学生将与行业资深专家分享活动管理的行业趋势和成功商业实践经验。

- 活动市场、沟通及评估:该课程讲述广告及活动推广的主要途径和方式。学生重点学习战略沟通、市场推广和资金募集原则。

- 活动幕后管理:学生将学习有关会展,活动供应链,物流和外包领域的知识。本课程还将展示和探讨酒店,餐厅,餐饮承包方等各项幕后管理工作。

- 风险管理、法律及道德准则:学生将学习如何应对活动中可能遇到的法律及道德问  题。课程重点讲述与活动策划管理相关的合同、法规、保险、职业道德水平和准则等问题。

- 活动社区服务及实习:通过该课程,学生将在美国会展活动的实战中获得经验。