Naomi’s TestimonialNaomi的推荐信


In general, USCEC gave me a guide about studying in the US. First of all, we talked about my future career goals so that they could know about me personally. Through conversations they taught me some practical ideas on how to set a goal and how I can get there. Moreover, I was encouraged to do an evaluation on my personality, and taught how to match my personal advantages and my destination. In addition, they helped me go through my application material and instructed me on how to write and excellent resume and personal statement. I also received a lot of information on American culture, how Americans think and how the university admission office assesses an applicant.


To set a career goal was the first stage of my preparation. USCEC helped me to do an evaluation on what kind of job is suitable for a person with my characteristics. Having done so much research, I finally found my field of interest. The second stage was to do research on schools and programs. USCEC provided me with reviews of schools from an academic perspective. The third stage is to prepare the application material. USCEC helped and instructed me with my resume and personal statement, which made them attractive to the admissions.


The practical experience is based on long-term understanding so that they could give me helpful advice according to my individual case. Through this positive experience, I learned not only the application skills but also the American culture and thinking styles.


The three most important things I have learned from my experience with USCEC is

1) Set goals and plan how to go for them.

2) There is always a solution.

3) The potential ability is infinite.


I would like to recommend USCEC’s services to all dream-chasers who want to experience the American education.



中美教育联盟对我的留美学习进行了全面指导。首先, 为了更好地了解我的个人情况,他们和我谈论了未来职业目标 。通过谈话,我学到了如何设定目标并通过努力去实现。并且,他们还鼓励我进行个性评估,教我如何将自身优势与职业目标相结合。除此之外,还帮我审阅了我的申请材料,指导我怎样写出优秀的简历和个人陈述。同时,我也获得了很多美国文化的信息,他们的思维方式以及美国大学招生办公室怎样评估申请的学生。