Viola’s TestimonialViola 的推荐信


USCEC has helped me in many ways in the application and admission process for a university in the United States, but I want to mention two main points that I learned from the most:


First, USCEC helped me understand a different mind-set. We come from different countries and different cultures. Thus, it is really hard for me to have a touch to American thinking patterns. And the thinking pattern was the real problem for me to tackle when I decided to apply for the U.S. graduate school myself years ago. Take the application itself as an example, I could have got an agent to do everything for me, but I could not have later survived in the American society after paying for such a service. USCEC taught me to take the application process as a tool to prepare myself and get to know the U.S. society and culture. The process was complicated and even troublesome, but it was very necessary to do and also my first glance at the U.S.


Second, they provided me numerous opportunities to get to know American elites. I learned from professionals at USCEC as well as from people I received in Chongqing. Of course, these opportunities to know people are also opportunities to open up myself, to learn, and especially to brand and advertise myself. In another words, to let people know me as well.


My goal was, is, and will always be that one day I can be a successful businesswoman, especially morally successful. I wanted to attend a top ranked university, just like any student that has an ambition in business. Because the old me thought “top” was a brand that would distinguish myself from others, and with that brand, I could be successful in every way.


I think the most difficult part of one’s life is to get to know oneself. The process helped me get to know myself and to know how to promote myself. I had to review what I have done in my life and during my studies, and I had to think how to organize these experiences into an attractive article for the admission office. In a big way it was an opportunity that one seldom has to observe oneself. Now, I know my advantages and my drawbacks to some degree. By knowing them, I can make a more fitting plan for my future.



Preparation and admission

The preparation and admission process began the second I stepped into my college. I would divide them into three stages.


First stage – To know myself and to know my passion and dream

I think this stage was the most important stage for me. Before meeting with USCEC, I hadn’t figured out what I was passionate about. With their help and direction, I gradually knew how to pinpoint my position, and how to know my passions and myself. And I have to mention, they never told me what I should do for a specific case, they instructed me on how to think and how to do things generally. They would never do what I should do for me, but they instructed and gave directions.


Second stage – To know how to achieve my dream.

When I finally figured out what I was passionate about, I needed to know how to achieve my dream. For example, I want to apply for Business school or any major that has relevance to the business world. Thus, I had to search for information about the career path I wanted to get into, and by what path I could achieve my dream. Then, I began to collect school information. The most important part about the school is not about the ranking of the school, but how the school fits me. Like which state I want to stay in, what kind of courses I want to study, what is the most important thing in my life and how the school could help me to achieve my goal, and so on, these should be taken into account. Afterwards, I chose the school I liked the most, and looked into their requirements. Finally, I prepared for tests.


Third stage – Application.

When everything was ready, the only thing left was to apply for schools. Writing essays, getting down to transcripts, mailing my transcripts to school, balancing my time between study and application, and preparing to get along with extremely great pressure were the most frequent things that should be done in this process. I got numerous people from different backgrounds to read and evaluate my essays. I have to say, it was the hardest process, but also the most interesting process, because I spared no efforts on my dreams and finally I could see what I could achieve in the end; it provided me with a feeling that I could control my life.



How to practice and prepare

There were mainly two methods: read and talk.


Read: Read books about how to prepare for the application, and learn about others’ experiences. I had a chance to compare myself with others, and get a better understanding and positioning for myself. Also, I got familiar with the application process to avoid the mistakes that others may have encountered.


Talk: No one can make progress if he never opens up to others. Talking to people offers information more chances to exchange, and information changes one’s life. People from different background gave me different information, because of their different careers and personal experiences in different companies and even cultures. This information would have been wasted if one didn’t organize them. Therefore, talk to people and get information, learn how they conduct things, and then, try to organize this information to a useful system for yourself. Doing that has helped me a lot.


In this process I was very happy about the fact that I was like a real businesswoman, and me, myself, was the product that I wanted to sell. I had to take charge of digging my potential and advantages, branding myself, promoting myself, advertising myself, and getting myself sold to my favorite school, where I have a greater chance to become an even better “product”.



My thoughts about the process 

I think the whole process was a positive experience, even the difficult part. I am learning from the failures and trying to face what made me frustrated. Looking back, all parts of the process have had a great impact on my current progress.


I would recommend USCEC’s services to students who have ambitions and have a great desire to be independent and successful. Actually their services are not suitable for all students. This is the beauty of my experience with them. I think only a student who helps himself and understands that success is achieved with hard work deserves their help. The whole process may at times be frustrating, however, very valuable to my life experience. I insisted on it, then, I made a relatively great move towards my life’s turning point.



Top 3 things I have learned

1: Take initiative! Because I knew afterwards that it was the main reason that USCEC would like to help me, as well as the other students. Taking initiative means you have motivation and strong desire for success, it makes your eyes wide open for opportunities and information; and that is the most important factor for success, though cannot ensure one to be successful.


2: Be practical. We all have dreams like getting into Harvard Business School, or something like that. Of course, it is good have great ambitions, however, the most important thing is how to evaluate myself. A big dream consists of many small dreams; if you get down with practical business in life, you can have a chance to fight for your bigger dream.


3: Be systematic. Plan ahead and make timelines, this helped me a lot in my application process.









我的目标是,并且一直都是,有一天我会成为一位成功的商人,特别是在道德上成功的商人。我曾希望在排名顶级的学校学习,就像所有在商业领域雄心勃勃的学生一样。因为曾经的喂认为“顶级”是能将我和别人区分开来的商标, 而这块商标可以让我无论在怎样的情况下都能成功。