Amy’s Testimonial张蕊的推荐信


My name is Amy. I was born and raised in Chongqing China. Currently, I am in University of California Riverside for a one-year University Credit Program. I have already received 4 admissions from US graduate schools. I want to further my education in the business field and make a career as a financial advisor or an international businesswoman.


I got to know USCEC on an Education Exhibition in Chongqing. At that time, I was preparing for my TOEFL and GMAT and I knew little about school application. I showed my confusion and worry to the staff of USCEC. We had meetings many times either face to face or on Skype. They were very helpful by listening to all my confusion and then categorizing it in order to give me a fresh head. They assigned me to finish a personality test so that I could assess myself better to know what I want. They helped me make a specific schedule for my application. When I fulfilled all the test scores, they gave me many valuable suggestions and advice on school selection.


The knowledge USCEC taught me will work for all my life. I am very pleased and grateful to know this company.


The majority of USCEC is from the US. Some of them are in the education industry, some of them are in the business field, and others are from many other professions. This strong group context makes this group outstanding and capable of helping students more professionally and efficiently. The staff in the branch of Chongqing is also remarkable. Unlike other study-abroad services, the staff in this group is equipped with overseas experience, which facilitates communication with students and improves understanding of the oversea study experience, including possible obstacles and difficulties during application and inconvenience when studying abroad.


I highly recommend this service. I benefited a lot from this service and I believe it will bring you more!


Three most important things I learned from USCEC?

The first thing I learned was to always staying positive and confident to those well-known difficult tasks, because you will never know how it works unless you cope with those things personally. Even if you fail in the end, the lesson you have learned and the people you have met are fundamental to your success in your future.


The second thing I learned is the methodology to make a plan, scheduling the days backwards. From the due day, we pinpointed important dates, such as TOEFL day, GMAT day, evaluation day, school selection week and first application deadlines of each school. Then, we allocated each task some time to prepare. This is a very useful and effective way to organize my thoughts and ease my panic.


Another lesson they taught me is taking advantage of seeming disadvantages. For example, I am a Chinese who will study abroad as a foreigner. I can hardly express my understanding and opinions very clearly and fluently. However, if I can describe what I know with novelty, people will show more respect when they get to know my nationality. Moreover, though English is my major, it’s impossible to speak any better than people raised in English-speaking countries. However, as a Chinese, I should be proud of my nationality and I can speak not only English but also Chinese and French. I have an international background and multicultural context. I have more chance to get into the international field than many Americans.
















其次,我学会了制定计划的方法 。我们把所有重要的日期标记出来,比如TOEFL考试日期、GMAT考试日期、评估日期、学校选课周和每所学校申请截至日期。然后,我们为每项任务分配准备时间。这个方法对整理思绪和减少内心的恐慌非常有用。