What we do我们的使命


For students:

We offer a wide variety of educational services and programs that are built to improve students’ long-term development. Our consultants are trained US professionals directly working with the Universities. Our educational services include:


- International academic programs with partner universities for Chinese high school and university students, both short and long-term.

- Consulting and coaching services for US university application.

- Consulting and coaching services for preparation for studies in the US.

- Visa application consulting and coaching.

- Test preparation.

- English language training.


For complete information on what we offer, please see Services.




For Partners:

As the official representative in Southwest China of selected Universities in California, we plan and conduct academic programs and develop strategic cooperation between local partners in China and the Universities and institutions in the US.

















作为部分加州院校在中国西南地区的官方代表,我们 计划并开展学术项目,与中国当地合作机构和院校以及美国合作机构和院校建立战略性合作关系。