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Jeanne Miller Rodriguez



United States of America



Former Deputy Director of the California Department of Social Services, Published Author


Fields of expertise:

Strategic planning, succession planning, risk management, civil rights, public administration, human resource management, organizational development, job coaching and employment counseling.


Published books:

Ready, Set, Work!

Ready, Set, Supervise!


Full list of articles:, named Featured Author for in August 2012.



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Jeanne Rodriguez is a former Deputy Director for the California Department of Social Services. Prior to her retirement from State service in June of 2006, she served in executive level positions for 17 years and had responsibility for program development and administration in a wide variety of public policy areas including strategic planning, succession planning, human resources, risk management, and civil rights.


As an experienced trainer and educator, Jeanne has taught in Virginia, Pennsylvania, California and South America. She graduated from Westminster College in New Wilmington, Pennsylvania with majors in Spanish, German, and French. She received her Masters degree from the University of West Virginia in Latin American Literature and began doctoral work there before embarking on a 31-year career in public service.


She also served on a wide variety of State commissions, councils and task forces in areas such as Work and Family, employment for individuals with disabilities, and the California Performance Review. As a State certified chair and mediator, she also developed and administered State exams for the highest level of civil service classifications and mediated some of the most sensitive conflicts presented to the Department.


A published author, Jeanne’s latest books entitled, Ready, Set, Work!  and Ready, Set, Supervise! were written specifically for our newest generation of workers in order to help them in becoming successful in their careers and bring out the best in themselves and their employees. In August, 2012 Jeanne was named “Featured Author” for as a result of her work with that organization. A complete list of her published articles there can be found at


In addition to writing, she is a consultant to both private and public sector organizations in areas such as public administration, human resource management, and organizational development.  She also provides job coaching and employment counseling on an individual and group basis.





Jeanne Miller Rodriguez






策略计划,继任计划,风险管理,公民权利, 公共管理,人力资源管理,组织发展,职业指导与就业咨询, 作者。



《准备,布局,工作》(Ready, Set, Work!)

《准备,布局,监管》(Ready, Set, Supervise!)


发表作品列表:,2012年8月被 Articlebase.com评为优秀作家。







珍妮.米勒. 罗德里格斯是美国加利福尼亚州社会服务部前副局长。在2006年退休前,曾担任17年的高管级职务,负责公共政策广泛领域中的项目发展与管理。负责领域包括策略计划,继任计划,人力资源管理,风险管理和公民权利。


作为一名资深的培训家和教育家,珍妮曾在弗吉尼亚州, 宾夕法尼亚州,加利福利亚州和南美洲任教。毕业于位于美国宾夕法尼亚州新威明顿的西敏大学,专业为西班牙语,德语和法语。在从事31年之久的公共服务事业之前,获得了西弗吉尼亚大学的拉美文学硕士学位和博士学位。




珍妮发表的两部作品:《准备,布局,工作》,《准备,布局,监管》特别呈献给新生代从业人员,帮助他们取得事业上的成功,发挥出自己以及雇员的最佳水平。2012年8月,珍妮被 评为优秀作家。珍妮发表作品列表参见