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Welcome to USCEC! We are an international organization in the education field connecting students and schools between China and the United States. Recently we have brought some excellent educational resources from the U.S. and integrated them into programs and projects in China.


USCEC is the official representative in southwest China for selected educational institutions in California, as well as partner and representative for numerous California trade organizations. Among others, we represent California State University, Sacramento, and the City of Sacramento. Our mission is to develop educational cooperation between the two countries in a positive and sustainable manner. Our goal is to be a reliable and efficient partner and service provider while focusing on the success of the student. We pay great importance to quality of learning, validity and reliability of information, and personal and sustainable development.


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中美教育联盟是加州众多教育机构在中国西南地区的官方代表,也是加州众多贸易组织的合作伙伴及代表。另外,我们还是加州州立大学萨克拉门托分校和萨克拉门托市政府的授权代表。我们的使命是为两国的教育事业建立积极可持续的合作。我们的目标是以学生的成功为核心,提供可靠、高效的服务。我们注重教育质量、 信息有效性和可靠性以及为学生提供持续性的人生规划。