Significantly increase chance of admission through the GAP Program and earn academic credit for undergraduate or graduate studies in the U.S., all while living in beautiful California.


The GAP preparatory program is designed for Chinese students who want to successfully complete an undergraduate or graduate degree in the United States. Students who are admitted to the GAP program will travel to Sac State in California, where they will live and learn how to be successful in an American university, as well as significantly improve their language skills and become familiar with American culture. Students also have the chance to take university courses for academic credit during the Gap Program, which will save on their future tuition.


USCEC offers the GAP Program at California State University, Sacramento. For more information, please see full program descriptions below or contact us directly.


Sac State GAP Program





全球预科项目专为想要在美国成功完成本科或研究生学习的中国学生而设计。 学生将在预科期间将学会如何在美国的大学里获得成功,显著提高语言能力并熟悉美国文化。同时有机会参加大学课程并修得学分,节省学习费用。